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We have installed alarm systems for many clients throughout the UK. We provide our installation services for both commercial and domestic customers. In addition to this, we are City & Guilds qualified to fit Visonic products. ‘Visonic’ is acknowledged and highly appreciated by most of our clients. We offer two alarm systems from Visonic and Pyronix.. The Pyronix can be setup be used remotely via an app on your smart phone or tablet ,You can also opt for alarm servicing for the affordable fee of £90. Rest assured, you are relying on a company which is adept in every aspect of wireless security. We serve customers in Warwickshire and The Midlands.

Why fit a wireless alarm

Wireless home alarm systems are all the rage in today’s technologically advanced era. Gone are the days where most alarm systems are hardwired . Nowadays, home alarms system are fully wireless. From security cameras to door and window sensors, these devices free us from the constraints of having to open up walls, run the wires across our homes, and tape them all up to finish.

The convenience factor isn’t the only reason why most homeowners go the wireless route. There are a couple of advantages to wireless home alarm systems which make them even more compelling than their wired counterparts. Here are a few benefits of a wireless home alarm system

1 Easy of use

2 We do not have to take your house apart to fit the alarm

3 Out buildings can be protected a lot easier

4 Shorter installation time and less mess and dust

5 Up to 8 different users can have they own user codes

6 The app will inform you when you house alarm is being set / unset when your away

7 neat and tidy

8 More cost efficiency

Protect your house from outside

Pyronix XDL12TT-WE/ External Tri-Tech Wireless Motion Detector

Pyronix XDL12TT-WE/ External Tri-Tech Wireless Motion Detector

The XDL12TT-WE 15m 3 PIR Dual Tech Grade 3 Non-Overlapping Detector  has been developed for maximum protection, fitted with maximum installation ease and convenience.

Key features:

  • Detection range 12m

  • Volumetric coverage 90°

  • Tri-Signal Detection Logic

  • Adjustable PIR/MW range

  • Dual-Vision Pet Immune (up to 24kg, 1m high)

  • Up to 1.6km two-way wireless

  • Anti-Sway Analytics

  • Blue Wave Technology (BWT)

  • IP55 heavy duty design

  • Security Grade 2, Environmental Class IV


the home control app

Pyronix has its own app called Homecontrol 2.0 to allow you to control your phone from anywhere in the world and can be used on as many phones as you need for one yearly price of 35 pound and its free for the first year after the alarm has been fitted

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